Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Yearly Fireworks Haul

We take a photo every year of our fireworks purchases before setting them off. This year we thought we wouldn't get to do that. In Oklahoma it was illegal to light fireworks within city limits where we lived. And it's too far to drive to Daniel's parents house like we usually do. Then Daniel saw a sign outside city hall that says it's legal here in Colorado!

So we went to a few different places and spent about $40 (much less than usual but within our new budget). Unfortunately, one of our all time favorites, parachutes, are illegal. But we got lots of snaps, sparklers, and small fountains. We also got two tanks and two turtles so that we could have our traditional "wars" lighting them off at the same time to see which one torches the other. (We raced the turtles and one of the tanks self destructed.)

The Maxwell cousins said they missed us this year since we usually buy tons of fireworks and share them with everyone. We would like to start making our annual trip to Oklahoma to see family on the fourth of July, but we'll have to see what everyone else would prefer. We'll probably only be able to make one big family trip a year, so we need to be able to see as many family members in one fell swoop as possible.

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Anonymous said...

If you go next 4th I'll try to too.