Sunday, July 01, 2007

Popping Over for Breakfast

We decided to let Anna and her sisters stay the night at our house after the fair. Anna's been wanting to stay the night with us and see our new house, so we figured she'd really like that for her birthday. The girls didn't get much time to play since we got home so late, but they managed to stay up late talking and switching sleeping arrangements.

The next morning while the girls were taking baths before church I made popovers. We filled them with jelly (which became a huge mess, but that's beside the point) and all the kids really liked them. We gave Anna a dress to wear and fixed all the girls hair. We were planning a special trip to go tour Daniel's work before church. I'm just happy I didn't fall asleep in the batter while stirring. Sarah and I had stayed up until 1 am talking and then Kevin got me up just after 6 am.

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christina said...

they look good! whats the recipe.