Saturday, July 14, 2007

Fish Store

After the girls went fishing off the side of Danya's bunk bed, they took all the fish they caught upstairs to Daddy's Fish Store. They had to solve math problems for each fish, then they got to spend the points on the back of the fish. They both had a ton of points. They could have one M&M per point or a bigger piece of candy (gum, Laffy Taffy, etc.) for three points. Gloria mostly went for the M&Ms, Danya mostly liked the bigger items.

I was just glad that they didn't even notice all the math skills they were learning while adding points, exchanging them for candy, multiplying by threes, and subtracting from their total points. I love it when they learn without thinking of it as "school work". It's sort of like me getting lots of exercise lately while playing tennis. It beats sit ups and exercise DVDs any day.


April said...

I agree with you about making math fun. We have been using Saxon Math and they include fun math in ways sort oflike this. I wish I would have thought of the fishing from the bunkbed when my son still had his....
Great idea

Jess said...

My sister and I used to fish over the back of our couch. You don't necessarily need bunk beds.