Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Homeschooling in The Great Outdoors

It was so beautiful outside a couple of days ago that we decided to pack up our books and head to the park for our school time. The girls really enjoyed it. We picked a spot free from distractions, just over the hill from a small playground, so that Daniel could take Kevin to the swings while we worked.

Several people stopped by and talked to us for a minute, but overall we weren't interrupted much. So we got all our work done in a relatively short amount of time. One woman walking her dog told us that down in the ravine below where we were sitting a couple of foxes live and like to come out and play every so often. Now we'll have to watch for them every time we walk near there.

I feel like we've been staying on track well and getting alot accomplished in our homeschooling lately. I had to buy tabbed dividers recently for the girls notebook where I keep a record of some of their work. Danya and Gloria flipped through it with me. It was fun to look back and see an overview of what we've covered in the past several months. Recently the girls have memorized 15 states and their capitols and have learned about different Indian tribes from all across North America. They can say their times tables up to 7's and know an amazing amount of bible verses and facts about the planets. Sometimes I'm just in awe of how much they know and sad about how little I knew at that same age.

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