Thursday, July 26, 2007

Learning for Less

I like finding good homeschool materials for a good price. I know that some people think that the more the curriculum they buy costs, the better it must be. I disagree. I'd rather buy 10 different items that are all less than $10 and find out that 3 of them aren't going to work for us, than buy one complete curriculum for $300 hoping to make it worthwhile by using it for all my kids and find out that it isn't working for us.

I believe in making my mistakes on inexpensive things. On the other hand, when I find something I like, I tend to stick with that company. For instance, Gloria's new book for science "The Complete Book of Animals" was only $6 at Sam's Club. It's got lots of mini books inside of it like the one about Penguins that the girls read today. It also covers a wide variety of animals with worksheets, activities, and coloring pages. I've bought several books from this publisher. Danya's science workbook about the solar system, the girls' daily general workbooks, and their Spanish workbook. I also have their comprehensive curriculum book for second grade. I don't do every page in all of these books, but I use alot of them. Doing the math, I think it's costing me about 2 cents per worksheet or less. That's what I call value.

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