Saturday, July 14, 2007

Play Date at the Park

We went to Danya's friend, Lauren's house to play yesterday. The kids had a great time. Danya says it's perfect because everybody has a buddy. (They have 3 kids, we have 3 kids) Lauren and Danya were talking so fast I don't know how they got a chance to breathe.

Lauren's mom, Tiffany, served us lunch which included strawberries. Kevin devoured more strawberries than anyone else. When the big kids didn't finish theirs he ate what was left in their bowls, too!

Then we drove over to the park near their home. Everything was scorching hot. It was really too hot to play. So the kids played in the sand under the playground toys. They also swung down a metal zip line thing. I convinced 4 year old Cole to try it. On about his 5th time down he fell and ate a face full of dirt. He scratched up his glasses, too. Despite accidents, the kids can't wait to play together again!

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