Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Making New Friends

We invited Danya's friend, Lauren, and her mom and brothers over to play on Tuesday. The kids all had so much fun! Lauren is 7 like Danya and she has a 4 year old brother and a baby brother who is 13 months old. So each of our kids had a buddy for the day.

The cutest thing was watching Kevin and Josh get to know each other. Kevin wanted to climb into Josh's stroller because it looked so much like his. And there was only one baby swing at the park, so they took turns watching each other impatiently until the other was done swinging. They both went down the slides a few times. Luckily they weren't hot because it had been overcast and threatening to rain all morning.

Later, in Kevin's room, they had a little trouble sharing toys. When Josh was playing with one of Kevin's toys Kevin shook his finger at him and said, "No no!" When he tried to take what Josh was playing with, Josh just pushed Kevin completely over. I guess they need to be a little older before they master the sharing concept.

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