Sunday, July 01, 2007

Low Rider

The wrist bands were $20 each and they told us that Kevin was too small to ride anything, so we didn't get him any tickets. One nice guy let him on the boat ride, though. So Kevin got to go on his first ride at the fair. He was so focused on the steering wheel that I'm not sure he noticed anything else.

Sarah also took him into the mirror maze and the fun house. He really liked the mirrors. When we realized that there was an upstairs section and a slide going down we let Shannon take him through the mirrors again so he could slide. Sliding is his new favorite past time at playgrounds. I can set him at the top of one and he'll scoot forward and pull on the sides until he goes over the edge. He's really good at it! He immediately points back to the top until we let him go again. He sure doesn't act like an 11 month old.

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