Friday, July 06, 2007

Power Hitter

This morning I was tired again and really dragging trying to wake up. But I got myself up to brush my teeth and read my bible. Of course, God's sense of humor being what it is, the first words I read are, "How long will you stay in bed, thou sluggard?" So I got up and got ready for the day before Daniel got home from work. That meant that we were able to take the kids out to play tennis first thing this morning.

After we finished playing I started hitting the ball as hard as I could trying to get it to stick in the fence. I'd seen that happen accidentally before, but never been able to do it. The girls each tried it a few times. Then Daniel stepped up and managed it within a couple of tries. That boy's got some serious muscle! You may have to click on the picture to be able to see the ball that Daniel is pointing at.

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