Friday, July 06, 2007

An Apple a Day

To help motivate the girls to get their homeschool work done each day this week I made a little motivator. I cut out apple shapes from red paper and white paper, then stapled them together in pairs. I wrote one fun activity on each white apple and taped them to the wall.

Every day after they got their work done this week, they've been allowed to choose an apple, lift the flap, and do the activity written inside. One day they made apple puppets, another day they finger painted with apple sauce, and today we used real apples to do fraction problems. Gloria had to figure out how to divide an apple evenly between six people and Danya had to do eight. Then we cut one into thirds. After we discussed how 3 thirds, 6 sixths, and 8 eighths are all equal because they all make one whole I told them this joke/riddle:

"You are trapped in a room with no windows or doors, no way out. All you have is an apple. How do you escape?" The answer is: "You cut the apple in half, then put the two halves together to make a hole (whole). Then you just climb out through the hole!"

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