Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Summer Reading

We signed all three kids up for the summer reading program this year at two different libraries. We've been reading an enormous amount of books the past couple of weeks. Books about:

dinosaurs, Indians, animals, trucks, time travel, the Amazon, knights and castles, pilgrims, the moon, pirates, and more.

Not to mention that I'm reading out loud to not only the kids, but also Daniel because we are finishing up a series of books by Terry Brooks that we started a few months ago together called the "Heritage of Shannara". And I'm reading some books about adoption and foster care because the case worker wanted us to learn more about attachment and loss. We've been trying to find a book she recommends about adoption that is part of the Love & Logic series. We can't find it and the closest thing, "Parenting with Love & Logic" has a long wait list at the library. As usual, I'm reading way too many books at once, but I love that my kids are learning to love reading and see that Daniel and I do, too.

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