Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Anna's Water Party

Anna invited us to her 5th birthday party. It was a water party. There were three different sprinkler toys. One was a rocket launcher that used the force of the spray to shoot a rocket straight up into the air!

Each of the kids got a spray bottle to run around spraying everyone and everything with. Some of the adults even borrowed a bottle to spray each other with! The kids also played a game where they had to hold a bowl full of water on their heads while racing around the yard trying to not to spill it.

The food was great; giant hamburgers, deviled eggs, and all the fixings for a delicious cook out. We gave Anna a cheerleader doll that said lots of different cute little cheers. The girls got very wet and wished we didn't have to leave at the end.

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Glenda said...

That sounds like a really great pary idea. We might have to borrow that idea....