Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Geography at Target

This week at Target in their "Dollar Spot" they are selling some really great school materials. We found flash cards for learning about the solar system, presidents, insects, etc. Also, this puzzle listing states and capitals, and dry erase place mats that list the states on one side and have fill in the blank lines on the other side so that you can label the states yourself. The girls have been having fun with all of it. They can already name 20 states and their capitols!

There are also these little flip books that let kids make up crazy story ideas. You flip the top, center, and bottom to come up with something like: "Imagine your teacher, drove a bus, that wanted to be a rock star!" Then the kids write a story about it. Or if they are too little, you can have them tell you their story, and you could write it down for them.

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