Sunday, July 01, 2007

Kevin's Garage & Gas

Kevin may be an auto mechanic, or own a chain of gas stations, or maybe just spend some time as a teen parking cars, who knows? His fixation on cars is fun to watch. Every morning when he wakes up I pick him up out of his bed and he immediately points to his "Cars" poster on the wall. He likes me to name each one, "Lighting McQueen, Mater, Sally, Doc, etc." while he points to them and makes car noises.

He loves driving his cars down the ramp of his little toy garage. He'll stick a few into the holes for the car elevator. He also likes to put them on window sills and other high places, then knock them off while making crashing noises (I plead the 5th on who taught him that...), and he'll smash cars together to make huge pile ups.

When I change his diaper he throws a fit and tries to twist away unless I hand him a car. Then he'll happily play with it until I'm done. He points to real cars as they drive past our windows and gets excited when Daniel pulls the van into our driveway in the mornings. Yes, he's obsessed with cars, and I'm loving having a boy.

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