Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Office

Daniel gave us all a tour of his office building at Level 3 this morning before church. We got to see where he works and he explained to the girls what he does. We even listened to him finish a call with "Bob" from Atlanta handing off what he was working on since he was leaving.

Shannon and Sarah were suitably impressed, saying that they'd like to have a job like that when they are older. I think Shannon wasn't getting the fact that Daniel didn't wind up with this exact position and pay the minute he graduated from vo-tech. So he talked about his first position as an intern making about $7.50 an hour. We got to tour the grounds, walk beside the fountain, and check out the view of the mountains from the third floor. I think the best part is how peaceful the place felt. Granted, it is a Sunday, but it was a very relaxing atmosphere.

The younger girls were mostly interested in the snack machine and the elevator. They also enjoyed getting to sit in the conference room and draw pictures for Daniel to hang up at his desk. I let Kevin draw with dry erase markers on the white board. He thought that was great. So it was unanimous, we all think Daniel's work is a great place!

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