Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Gloria and the Letter "B"

My 3 yr old is currently working on her alphabet. We've been doing a "letter of the day". She gets to pick a color of construction paper. I draw the letter on there. She colors it and then we cut it out. We do upper and lower case of each letter and then I draw something that starts with that letter. Today was "Bb ball". We make the B sound and she gets to run around our house finding things that start with that sound. Today she brought me a babydoll, a bear, a box, and a book. Then she came back empty handed and just giggled and covered her mouth. I asked her if she had another B word and she nodded and giggled again. Then she whispered, "Butt!" and fell down laughing on the rug. She's a trip! But she's really enjoying all of this. Also, she sits on the couch and listens when I read with her sister who is almost 5. We are reading "Junie B. Jones" books, which are chapter books with an occasional picture. Both of my girls really like them. They are about a kindergartener who has a funny little way of speaking.

I found this old comment on a message board I frequent. Thought I'd post it since it's so cute!