Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Smoke Bomb Science!

It felt like doing science experiments when we showed the girls how to color glass with smoke bombs. I remember doing this as a teenager on main street in Perkins with our Coke bottles. We didn't have any Coke bottles yesterday so we scrounged some empty containers from around the park.

The girls got brave after watching it done once or twice and each of them took a turn holding a smoke bomb while Daniel lit it. Then they set it fuse down on the mouth of the bottle. It would fill the bottle with swirling smoke that looked really wild! The plastic bottle was wider, so the smoke bombs actually went in (I wonder if our government monitors the repeated use of the word "bomb" on websites...) and burned a hole through the side! When we squeezed the plastic bottles after they were full of smoke the smoke would pour out. The girls loved it!

We bought two huge boxes of smoke bombs. (about 144 total) and the girls are outside again doing them today. We stopped yesterday when the sun went down because you couldn't see the smoke. Smoke bombs are my favorite fireworks. (just for fun: bomb bomb bomb...I wonder if I'll get put on a "don't allow on airplanes" list? lol)

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Anonymous said...

Umm, try to avoid letting your kids breath in burning plastic fumes. Depending on the plastic, you could be exposing them to some pretty nasty chems.