Thursday, July 26, 2007

Gloria: Big Helper

She is five and a half and determined to prove that she is capable and willing to help with any job big or small, easy or yucky. When Danya won't throw away a dirty diaper for me Gloria quickly says, "I will!" When help is needed playing with Kevin while I get lunch ready Gloria is the first to volunteer.

Today she informed me that she was plenty big enough to take out the garbage all by herself. The bag was almost as big as she is. The wind almost blew the lid out of her hands. But she got the job done and came back into the house smiling from ear to ear. Yesterday she took the broom out back, all on her own initiative, and swept the back patio!

She checks the mail, sweeps the kitchen floor, clears and washes the table, cleans her room, makes her bed, prepares her brother's room for his nap time, washes bathroom mirrors, does the laundry, and yes, she even does windows. We're pretty proud of her "can do" attitude!

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