Saturday, July 21, 2007


We learned about perspective for homeschool the other day. We took a family walk with a list of photos the girls had to take or help take. They had to:

1. Pick someone up with two fingers.
2. Put someone inside a small cup.
3. Hold a vehicle in the palm of their hand.
4. Replace someone's head with a tennis ball.
5. Make Danya bigger than Daddy.

A couple of the pictures worked out alright. The girls have been interested in perspective since the other day when I showed them how they could close one eye and hold up their pinky finger to make a tree or a person look as small as their pinky. Now at night when I stand in their doorways and sing their lullabye Gloria likes to hold her hand out and close one eye to pretend that she's holding me in her hand. This was a fun project. The girls giggled through most of it.

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christina said...

these are geat pics. very neat ideas.