Friday, July 06, 2007

Kevin at 12 Months Old

Kevin is so amazing! He's learning so fast it's hard to keep up with him sometimes. He loves to pull himself to a standing position so that he can get into new higher up things. Recently he's managed to reach the handles to the food pantry. Since we don't want him getting into that I placed a kitchen chair in front of it to keep it shut. A few minutes later I saw that he had pushed the chair out of the way and opened the cabinet again!

He's also learned that shaking his head no will make us stop offering him things he doesn't want, like more food when all he wants is water. The other day in the car the girls invented a new game. They will sniff his foot and pretend to pass out from the smell while yelling, "P.U.!" He laughs hysterically and sticks his foot into the air for them to do it again. Daniel was doing that with him today, then quit. He was laying on the floor, so Kevin crawled over, sat down, and stuck his foot on Daniel's nose. He started laughing before Daniel even realized what it was that Kevin wanted.

When I'm in the bathroom and one door is shut he'll go around and through my room to look in the other door. If I'm not in the room he's in he'll crawl through the upstairs looking in every room until he finds me. Oh, and he's got a new word, "Out!" He'll say that while pointing to a window or the front door. He loves to be outside. Luckily for us he's happy to sit and play wherever we place him on the ground and won't move. He still refuses to walk on his own. And the last bit of news is that he found his belly button today. He keeps pointing at it and looking at us like this is some new invention that we should be fascinated by. I guess to him, it is.

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christina said...

happy birthday kevin!!! we love you !
love the haleys