Saturday, July 21, 2007

Puddle Play

On our family walk the other day we took a scenic detour. Along the way we saw a stream of water rushing through a condo complex and down across some rocks. We let the kids take their shoes off and walk around in the shallow stream.

The girls jumped right in. Kevin wasn't so sure at first. He very hesitantly tested the waters with his toes, then eased his feet in. After a few minutes he was walking back and forth in it and threw a minor fit when we tried to take him out.

It wasn't a major fit. A major fit usually happens at home when we aren't doing what Kevin wants us to. Then he throws himself down on the ground and cries his little heart out. He won't come to us, even turns away if we reach towards him. He just has to lay there and scream for about three minutes before he takes a deep breath, sits up, and decides to play again.

On the subject of Kevin, he has finally mastered the concept of sign language. He understands now that it gets him things that he wants. So far he can sign, "more, all done, strawberry, drink" and he invented his own sign. He sucks on the tip of his pointer finger and we've figured out that this means, "pacifier". The most recent word he can actually say is "Amen".

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I have a good life said...

How sweet that he says "Amen." It is a tribute to your God-fearing family. I love the picture project, too. What a great idea. Also, you look even thinner in that puddle picture! Great job! :) You are looking great!