Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How'd they get Cantrell in there?!

I was looking at some vintage advertisements online recently and saw this one that has a kid in it that looks like my friend Christina's son. So my questions are, "Christina, how'd they get Cantrell in there?" and "Why don't you dress like a gypsy when you go to family picnics?" lol.

Speaking of getting kids... the case worker that our county hired came for the last time on Monday morning. She interviewed us together and then each separately. I was so worried about what crazy thing Gloria would think up to say when she took the girls downstairs to interview them alone. She has such an imagination there is just no way to know what she'll say next!

The case worker said that she's going to recommend us to be adoptive parents! She also said that we need to come to her office on Tuesday to read her report on us. Apparently we have to know what it says before she submits it. So hopefully we should hear something in the next couple of weeks.

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