Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Fireworks Mode

Daniel discovered that our camera has something called "fireworks mode" that slows down the shutter speed and takes much better pictures of the sparkly displays. This was the best of the bunch that included Daniel and the girls. If you're wondering where Kevin is, he fell asleep at 7:30 or so. Danya and Gloria both slept through their first 4th of July, too.

We had a great time although it got a little hairy with the girls not paying attention to where the lit punks were at. We also had some difficulty at first because it was a bit windy and we had matches instead of a lighter. Later, some teen boys showed up on their bikes to watch us. One of them had a lighter that they used to help the girls light sparklers and to set off one of our spinning fireworks that lost its fuse.

The sparklers were a hit with the girls. They ran around waving them, we spelled our names in the air, and they danced with them. Normally one of our favorite things is the flashers. They flash like strobe lights and we dance making crazy shadows on the outside of Grandma's house. This year our shadows were scattered across the trees and didn't look like anything. I'm glad we didn't buy alot of those. We only had a few fountains, but they were all very pretty. They didn't shoot high, but that was alright. At home we were able to look out our back glass doors and watch high ones that other people lit shooting over the rooftops of the city. Have I mentioned how much I love our view?

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