Sunday, July 01, 2007

Big Girl, Big Rides!

Danya was so excited when we found out that she was the exact perfect height. 48 inches was the cut off for the little kid rides, so she was just barely allowed to ride them. 48 inches was the minimum for the bigger kid rides so she was just barely allowed to ride those, too!

She rode the spider twice, once with Shannon and once with Sarah. She grinned nonstop throughout the ride! Then she also got to ride the Music Fest (or at least that's what they called it when I was little) with Shannon. I watched her dance a little to the music and have fun sliding around in the seat, but then the ride paused and I could see her telling Shannon that it was pretty boring for a big kid ride. Shannon held up one finger and I could imagine her saying, "Wait." Then the ride started moving backwards and Danya's whole face lit up with a fierce joy!

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