Thursday, July 26, 2007

Basket Case

Daniel and I recently developed basket envy. We've been wanting a basket for our tennis balls for a long time. The other night we saw a man at the tennis courts next to our house who had a big basket that flips upside down and turns into a stand to hold the balls at hip height. Yeah, we were drooling all right.

So we priced them online and Daniel surprised me by ordering one the other night while he was at work. I thought he was broke since we spent the last of our extra cash on the girls' new Heelys. The tennis ball basket arrived today. It doesn't flip over and turn into a stand, but it does hold 50 balls. You can carry it by the handle and pick up balls from the ground without having to bend over. It's really neat.

We were just storing our tennis balls in a mesh drawstring bag, which was a bit of a hassle. We'd set the bag down and all the balls would spill out and roll away, or we'd have to keep it tied shut and untie it every time we needed another ball (which is frequently when you're playing tennis). Daniel and the girls tried the new basket out, and the 18 balls that came with it, tonight before bedtime. The girls loved picking up balls with it.

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Glenda said...

We had those types of baskets for our tennis lessons. It was great not having to bend so far to get a new ball and also it was faster to pick the balls up. Two person picked up with the baskets and the rest of us picked up balls on our rackets. I thought the baskets were also but never thought about having one of my own. I use an Easter basket for my balls. The kids love to run around and gather my balls up like eggs.