Monday, July 23, 2007

Towel Boy

Kevin badly needed a bath this morning. We got back so late from our walk last night that it was already an hour and a half past his bedtime, so there wasn't time for a bath then. His legs were covered in dust from playing in the rocks on the playground, he had blue fuzz clinging in a wide band around his thighs from sweating while wearing new blue shorts, and this morning he smeared eggs and strawberries all over himself.

He's grabbing his toes in the first picture because we said, "Where's your toes?" He loves to point to body parts. He can find toes, ears, eyes, mouth, nose, shoulders, and belly button. Of course, he prefers to point to them on other people. He also knows the word, "diaper" when we say it, as in "No, don't pull off your diaper!" or "No, don't stick your hand in your diaper!"

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