Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Kevin Turns One!: 7 - 7- 07

Kevin turned one year old on Saturday. Someone at work asked Daniel if he was going to do anything special on "seven seven of oh-seven", and he told them that his son was turning one year old. It's kind of a cool date for a very cool little kid. We gave him a Leap Frog drum that says the letters of the alphabet when you hit it. It says it in English or Spanish. We also got him a bag of 100 balls sort of like the ones that Grandma Nancy has, only more rubbery than plastic. He loves the balls!

We also had some coupons for Chuck E. Cheese. One of them was 20 free tokens for Kevin's birthday. So we took our kids there for a couple of hours. While we were there one of the ticket dispensers came open and landed on Danya's foot. They gave her a band-aide for the cut, a Chuck E. balloon, and an entire cup full of tokens. She calmed down and went on to spend her tokens gleefully. Daniel took Kevin into the tubes and Kevin crawled all over them. That boy is so fearless. At that age Danya wouldn't go near a tunnel or into anything where she couldn't see the other side. He's definitely not a baby anymore. Welcome to toddlerhood, Kev!

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52daysofweightloss said...

thanks for the update, i cant believe is one! i hate we have missed so much in his life, he is a cutie. miss you all!