Sunday, July 29, 2007

Down the Road

Daniel took this picture today of his parents while we were on our way home from our walk. I can't help thinking that thirty years or so down the road this will be us. Still happy to spend time together, still holding hands. Daniel is so blessed to have such awesome parents setting an example on how to lead a good life. I am so blessed and lucky to be married to him.

They say a girl chooses a man to marry who is like her father. My hope is that Daniel will continue to grow more and more like his dad. And if, as I grow older, I develop even a fraction of the wisdom and patience of Daniel's mom, I will be content.


Glenda said...

I think that is an awesome dream to have for the future of you and your family. I can see you guys achieving it too. It is amazing to see the way you have changed. You are a wonderful wife and mother. I have been encoaraged to keep my priorties in line from your blog. You will leave an amazing legacy. ( I tpyed this last night but it didn't show up so I am trying again.)

Jess said...

Thanks for the encouragement!