Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mommy Goofs Up, Big Time

Poor Gloria! While we were homeschooling outside the other day the girls colored and cut out a little Indian boy and girl. They decorated the Indians' clothes with symbols and did a really good job on them. While they were working on those, I read to them from a book called "Houses of Bark: Tipi, Wigwam, and Longhouse" about Indians that lived in the Northeast part of North America. When we finished, I put Gloria's Indian boy in the inside cover of the book and stuck it back in our bag.

Later we were rushing around the house gathering up all the library books, movies, and audio books so that I could drop them off at the library on the way to pick up our babysitter, Sarah. She was watching the kids while Daniel and I went out for a date. I totally forgot that I'd put the Indian into the book! So Gloria's poor little Indian boy is visiting the library. She was disappointed when I told her, but she handled it really well.

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