Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Playground and Pizza

Behind our church is a very large playground and park with tennis courts and a walking trail. There are climbing walls, jungle gyms, spinning toys, small tunnels, and slides; something for every age kid! I played with Kevin, getting him to climb through a tunnel shaped like a crawling caterpillar. He would climb up one side, then try to sit down and put his feet in front so that he could slide down the other side. But he wasn't quite at the top so he would lose his balance and start to tip backwards. He finally figured it out, then he kept going back and forth through the tunnel, excited that he'd mastered it!

I was watching the tennis players. There were two families teaching their kids to play. The kids were about the same age as my girls and they were really pretty good. It gave me hope that Danya and Gloria will be able to really volley the ball with enough time and practice so that I can actually play with them. Those kids had their parents running from one side of the court to the other!

Daniel went to CiCi's Pizza to pick up a couple of pizzas for us all to eat under the pavilion. He also brought us some of their cinnamon rolls (torture!). After lunch we brought everyone back home with us and the Caulkins kids stayed with us until about 7 p.m. While they were there we got some housework done and then took everyone outside for a tennis lesson. Shannon says that tennis is her new favorite sport, lol.

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