Friday, July 27, 2007

Books in Bags

Today Daniel bought me a $15 tape recorder from Kmart and a box of cassette tapes. I've been recording myself reading books all day. Then I put the tape in one of these Kangaroo Pouch Bags that were designed for lunches, but work perfectly for projects like this.

The book (or books) goes in the big pouch, the tape in the middle pouch, and some small activities in the little pouch. For the "Tawny Scrawny Lion" I photocopied some little lions and made a matching game. I wrote vocabulary words from the story on some of the lions and their definitions on the other lions.

We also bought head phones and set the tape player up at one of their desks as a "listening station" so that one of the kids can pull out a book bag and work on that while the other one is doing school work with me. Gloria requested that I read all her Little Golden Books onto tapes and Danya wants me to read her Dr. Seuss books. I don't know how many story books I'll do, but I do plan to do several other books. Today I read The Story of Cars and tomorrow I plan to read The Shocking Story of Electricity onto tape. I want them all to have a homeschooling aspect, so that they are learning something. The girls are really excited about it.


christina said...

thats a great idea! it will be good to have to be able to do one on one with each child.

Glenda said...

Sounds interesting, you are really creative.