Wednesday, July 18, 2007

One Tough Hombre

Kevin went to the doctor for his 1 year check up this week. He had to get 4 vaccination shots! He's a tough kid, though. He only cried for a minute then was ready to play out in the waiting room. Daniel took him back out there to play for a few minutes, since he'd been so brave. By the time he left the doctor's office he'd already pulled off one of his Garfield band aides.

When he got back from the doctor we all went for a family walk to a nearby park. Daniel said, "I waited until he was one, that's long enough." Then he let Kevin swing all by himself in a big swing! He stayed very close so that he could catch him, and didn't push him very high, but I was still nervous. Kevin loved it! He held on tight, babbled and sang, and got mad when Daniel took him off the swing.

The girls enjoyed going with him to the doctor. Afterwords they all got stickers. They picked out three stickers, one for Kevin and one for each of them, that were all about the planets. So Kevin had the sun and two planets on his. Gloria had three planets on hers, and Danya had three planets on her sticker. Here's a picture I took of Gloria wearing her sticker. They had facts about the solar system on them.

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Glenda said...

Kevin is too cute. Liliana pretty much refuses to swing in the baby swing. If a baby swing is available, Caleb or Mika usually get it because Liliana doesn't want anything to do with it unless it is the only option.