Friday, July 06, 2007

Big Boy Bed!

At a yard sale this morning I found this great fire truck bed and got it for just $15! The girls and I washed it in the driveway, let it dry in the sun, and then assembled it for Kevin as an early birthday present. (since his birthday is tomorrow)

Kevin loves it! He climbed around in it, bounced on the mattress (his old crib mattress), and pointed to the eyes and nose on the front. Then he tried to climb out the window. The girls really like it, too. They pretended that they were driving a bus, fighting fires, and some other games. I don't know how soon Kevin will be ready to actually sleep in the bed, so for now it will be more of a play toy.


christina said...

i am hoping soon there will be some birthday pictues???

Jess said...

Sorry, we've been very busy. I'll try to update tomorrow.