Saturday, August 04, 2007

Writing Letters

As part of our homeschooling, the girls each have to write a letter to someone once a week (at least). When we first started this plan the girls would write their letters, but I would forget to mail them for a week or more sometimes.

So I started pre-stamping them so that they'd be in the envelope box ready to go when the girls finished writing their letters. But they wound up writing their letters to the same couple of people over and over again. Yesterday I started a new plan. We made a list of who we'd like to write letters to and pre-addressed and stamped the envelopes. Then we taped them to a wall in our basement.

Now when it's letter writing time they can look at the wall and choose a person. I hand them the envelope, they write the letter, and they put it in the mailbox. They have to use all the envelopes before I put up any new ones. (I whited out the addresses in this picture for privacy/security reasons.)

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