Sunday, August 12, 2007

Self Motivated

Today Kevin decided to walk without first being asked to. He came into my room while I was using the computer. He climbed up onto my printer which sits on the floor... and promptly fell off. He tried that about five times, slipping off repeatedly, before managing to sit on it like a chair.

Then he stood up and walked to me! I hugged him, sat him back down on the printer, and watched him get up and do it again! So I ran to get Daniel so he could see it, too. Daniel took these photos. Kevin is so proud of his new accomplishment!


Sarah said...

YEA!!!!!!!!!! He looks so adorable :) doesnt that mean his is almost ready to enter the 2 year old group in church? danial said that once kevin learned to walk they would transfer him.

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!! He's so cute. I'm so proud!

Aunt Jennie