Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Girls at Work

The girls and I assembled some shelves I bought recently. They did a good job helping. The shelves came out really nice. I'm using them in the homeschooling area to store and display materials like flashcards, art supplies, and a few other little things.

Until now I'd been using big plastic tubs with lids. The problem with those is that I hardly ever open the tubs. I forget what's in there and so it doesn't get used. I'm going to try using the tubs in the laundry room instead. When I pull clothes out of the washer I can just toss them into individual plastic tubs to be delivered to each room. I don't fold much laundry anymore anyway. What's the point when they just get shoved around and unfolded in the drawers?

I'm learning to use lots of little time savers. Recently I read a book that said I shouldn't make the kids wear P.J.'s and it made total sense to me. It's just extra money and extra laundry. They can sleep in a clean t-shirt and shorts or an outfit they plan to wear the next day if we aren't planning to dress up for a special event (like church). So once they outgrow their current ones, we don't plan to buy anymore.

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Sarah said...

The Laundry thing is so true. I dont fold my cloths because im just going to hang them up in 10 minutes any way, the pj thing i also agree with.