Monday, August 27, 2007

"Not Back to School" Party

Last night we got an email from "P" who found us through this blog and apparently had seen us at the final performance of Danya's homeschool charter school last May. She's got kids almost the same ages as ours and homeschools, too. So we invited her family to come with us to the first official event of our new homeschool group. And she came! Yeah!

So after driving around for a while near the mall we finally called and found someone who could tell us exactly which fountains we were supposed to be meeting at, lol. There were three other homeschool families there and plenty of kids to play with. The girls and Kevin had so much fun! Actually, I had a great time too, getting to know the other homeschool moms better. Daniel, unfortunately, was the only dad who works nights, so he played with Kevin most of the time. Our next event will be a Sunday picnic, so all the other dads will hopefully be there.

Kevin finally got brave enough to play in the water and took a break from crawling over everyone's food and knocking drinks down. When it was time to go Gloria got stung by a bee beneath her upper left arm. One mom, "D" was thinking fast. She ran to a nearby restaurant and got a ziplock bag full of ice. We left just as Glory was starting to calm down. She's doing much better now. On the bright side, she and Danya made instant friends with "P's" two daughters and they have a playdate with "D's" sons tomorrow afternoon. I'm so glad they are making more friends. It's definitely an answer to prayer.


Anonymous said...

Love the picture of Gloria. If your hair grew out would it do that?


Jess said...

It's the last remnants of the perm she got over a year ago. The icky part is that moments after I took that photo I realized she was laying on an ant pile! There were ants actually clinging to her hair!