Saturday, August 04, 2007

Bargain Furniture

Every homeschoolers biggest requirement: more storage/shelving! At a yard sale yesterday we found this enormous storage unit that had been custom built by the owners. They sold it to us for $20 and even delivered it to our house since they lived nearby. That was such a blessing because I don't know how we'd have gotten it home.

We are going to put a box like the ones in this photo for each kid in it. We are trying to color code everything right now. Danya's color is light blue, Kevin is red, Gloria is pink, Daniel is white, and my color is dark green. For our new kids we've got the options of orange, dark blue, and light green. We tried to have neutral color choices for them since we don't yet know if they will be boys or girls. If we get four kids, of course, we'll find another color. I haven't decided exactly what will go in this storage unit yet, but we have some ideas.

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April said...

You always find the best deals!!!!