Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hair Raising Experience

At the park today Kevin decided to announce his independence. He wanted to climb the stairs all by himself and go down the slide. He only wanted one hand from Dad to help him go down the steps. Daniel took these cute pictures of Kevin's static filled hair as he came down the slide.

On the way to the park about a mile and a half from our home a strange dog came running out of a house barking at us. It was loose and had lost its I.D. tag off of its collar. This dog was about 3/4's of Gloria's size, black, with a white chest. It looked like some sort of boxer. It followed us all the way to the park barking and running at us full speed before veering away at the last second. Gloria kept talking to herself under her breath repeating, "I don't like that dog. Go away, dog." I thought she and Danya both handled it well since they are so nervous around dogs. Thankfully, the dog decided to stay at the park when we left.

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