Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Subway Schooling

This morning we enjoyed the beautiful slightly overcast day by taking a family walk almost two miles to Subway. We brought some school work with us and worked on that after we ate lunch.

The girls seemed to enjoy learning in a new environment. They got all their worksheets done quickly and then raced each other to see who could call out the states and their capitols the fastest. We've been focusing more on science and history just lately, and taken a break from adding new states for them to memorize. Next week we'll add five more. Right now the girls are concentrating on insects, the human body, and space.

Danya was disappointed in a video about the planets that we got from the library. It's narrated by Patrick Stewart (from Star Trek) and she says it was incredibly dull. They're also a little tired of the study of ancient Rome already because all the different books and materials we've found keep repeating the same information. I need to find something to make it more exciting. One success, though, was the Schoolhouse Rock DVD that Daniel ordered for the girls. They've been watching it over and over and singing some of the songs. We've only had it two days and already they love it.

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