Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Definition of "Mile Stones"

This week Kevin hit a major mile stone. He started walking! He will only take a few steps when we stand him up and ask him to come to us, but he gets very excited about it. We give him lots of praise and encouragement. We swing him in the air and tell him that he's a "big walkin' boy!"

In our history reading today the girls were learning about the Roman empire and the things they built. They learned how the Romans built their roads and that they put special stones along the way and carved them with the milage to the next town. They were called "mile stones". I explained to them that these stones are where we get the phrase "mile stones" when we talk about babies. We also read about gladiators and Daniel and I are debating wether or not to let them watch the movie, "Gladiator" and just fast forward past the one major icky scene near the beginning. I'm also trying to think of other good movies about Roman times. Maybe "Spartacus" or "Ben Hur". I'm open to suggestions.

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Glenda said...

Congrats to Kevin on reaching a major milestone in his life, one that required much determination and repeated failures. May he always not be afaid to fall a few times on the way to success.