Thursday, August 02, 2007

Politics and Icecream

Our city council sent out advertisements announcing that they would be having an ice cream social at a park just up the street from our house where we could have free ice cream and get a chance to meet the people who represent us.

So Daniel and I loaded the kids up in the wagon tonight (interrupting our pizza and movie night with the kids, watching "Space Camp") and walked to the park. There was plenty of icecream there, but we could not find any city council members. Either they did not show up, or they needed to wear something to identify themselves like a badge or hat.

We did get to meet Erik Hansen again, the only republican candidate running for mayor of Thornton in the next election this fall. He seems like a good guy, and his opponent, the current mayor, is an environmentalist, so it's a given who we're voting for.

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