Friday, August 31, 2007

Fire Safety

Yesterday evening we had dinner at Adam's County's social services building. Their foster parent support group was holding their annual fire safety day. The fire department set up multiple trucks, a "smoke house", and a "hot pan" for us to learn about fire safety. They also showed a funny 1980's era video about bike safety for the kids.

One nice thing was that the minute we walked in the door Gloria recognized a friend from her Sunday school class (2nd photo above). The girls got to walk through the smoke house, ducking low under the smoke, climbing the stairs, and then coming down the ladder to safety and running to the meeting place at the mailbox (1st photo above). Danya said that was the best part of the whole event. Daniel and I both got to use a fire extinguisher on the pan fire. We learned that the fire extinguisher is only supposed to be used to help you get your family out of the fire, not to actually put the fire out. It only lasts 30 seconds at most.

The one down part of the meeting was that we met some of the couples from our original adoption/foster parent class. We may be the only ones who haven't had kids placed with us yet. We're praying that they'll call us soon. We'll just keep checking with them every week and hoping for the best. For those of you praying with us, thank you!

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