Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Who Put the Glad in Gladiator?

In our Story of the World book the girls are studying ancient Rome for history. Daniel previewed the Gladiator movie with Russel Crowe to see if it would be okay for the girls to watch. It was just too much for their age, so instead we let them watch some of the info about gladiators and some of the "making of" section on the special features part of the CD.

Gloria really enjoyed it, but Danya said, "Homeschool is supposed to be more fun than this." So I gave them their art books and let them each draw a picture of gladiators and write one thing they learned about them. Even Shannon made a picture!

Today we'll be reading about Rome in our Kingfisher History Encyclopedia and continue learning about life and customs of the time in our Living Long Ago book. I'm trying to find a fun game or craft to do. Maybe we'll build a colliseum out of blocks today.

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