Saturday, August 18, 2007

This is a link to a 30 year old marine and the poem he wrote about why America is fighting the war against terrorism. I just had to share: She Called

This morning Daniel took the kids out to play tennis when he got home. For some reason he could not serve the ball right at all. He did, however, manage to bounce it off Gloria several times. Poor Gloria! Gloria is already the "walking wounded". Her scab (from falling on the concrete the other day) is peeling off of her knee and leaking. I know, too much information. Daniel and I played tennis, just us, later on and I actually did pretty good against him!

Danya is having her own difficulties. She's having trouble eating with the gap in her teeth from losing her front tooth. That made me think about the possibility of our new kids having dental problems. But Daniel said that if they are young we can expect all their baby teeth to fall out and good healthy ones to grow in. Kevin is growing a couple of new teeth on his front lower jaw. It's making him fussy and clingy. He did good at McDonald's play land today, though. The girls took him through the tunnels and he babbled happily all the way through.

Oh, and on a side note, I've been managing to eat well even when we go out. I've also been doing really really good with my exercise. As of this morning I'm down to 158.8 lbs! You can check my weight loss journal to see pictures of me before and currently. I keep it linked on the left side of this blog, too. It's exciting to be so close to my goal. I'm getting there!


Sarah said...

good job on your weight.

Nobody said...

Thanks for the kind words. Best of luck with the future adoption. Stop by any time.