Monday, August 06, 2007

Preparing to Grow

It's been so much fun over the past few months preparing our house and family for the new kids we hope will come soon! This is a photo of some of the color coded towels we've bought on the new towel bar we just installed. We hung it low so that the younger kids will be able to hang up their towels, too. We've also got color coded cups, bowls, blankets (small ones for family movie nights!), school supplies (like pencil boxes and scissors), toy bins, and eventually we will get them color coded tooth brushes and possibly laundry baskets.

This should all make it easier for each of the kids to keep track of their own things. There will be no arguments over who left their towel on the floor, or their cup on the table. Our color code so far is:

Red = Kevin
Light Blue = Danya
Pink = Gloria
Dark Green = Mom
White = Daniel
Yellow = Guests

Daniel said today that he's really glad that I pushed to start gathering what the new kids would need (like beds, blankets, pillows, dresser) early, so that we won't have to fly out and buy anything in a panic when we find out we've been matched with a group of kids. I think it helps me feel more relaxed and prepared, too.


christina said...

i love organizing. its the greatest thig ever , its so funny i have been thinking about adding to the budget to buys towels for everybody in there colors. so we cut down on towels and know whos is whose

Jess said...

It's good to be able to reuse the same towel for a few days because you know it's yours. It saves on laundry.

Shannon said...

I tought it towel in cups. it good doing colors