Sunday, August 12, 2007

Techno Baby

We've started all our kids out young using computers. They are definitely growing up in an age of technology. Last night we went to a website with games for babies (like this one: Fisher Price Peek-a-boo game). We showed Kevin how to press the space bar on the keyboard. Everytime he pushed the button a new baby would appear on the screen. He also played some games where an animal would pop up at different places on the screen and make it's sound and one where cartoon characters would jump out and say "peek-a-boo!"

He loved all of it. After a while he started just banging on the keyboard, so we turned off the game. We used to do the same kind of games with Danya when she was a baby. She was very good at just pressing the space bar. I hope that my kids will grow up so comfortable with computers that they will be able to disassemble and reassemble them by the time they are teenagers. I grew up using computers from the time I was 9, but didn't learn much more than keyboarding until I was 16 (around the time the internet really became useful). My kids are living in a whole different world.

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