Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Good Food, Good Deals

We took the kids to the Westminster Promenade mall today. They played by the fountains, rolled around on their heelies, and generally had fun. We even took them to a little icecream shop. They shared a waffle cone dipped in sprinkles with orange sherbet mixed with gummy bears... they thought that creation up, not me, lol.

Daniel and I shared a chocolate dipped cone with peanut butter and banana icecream. Not good for my diet plan, but very delicious. Kevin wasn't cooperating when I decided it would be a cute place for a photo shoot. This one of him on the chair is one of the only two half-way decent photos I got.

The overalls and jumper that the girls are wearing in the right hand photo are new. Kmart is having a really great sale right now. Half off of all their clearance items. We got Kevin about 30 new clothes for under $30. I got a couple of shirts and the girls got a few things, too. Everything we got was less than $3 and most of it was under $2!

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christina said...

he is so cute! i cant believe how big he is. i wish we had a kmart close.