Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Tooth, and Nothing but the Tooth

This isn't the best photo of Danya. I forgot to take a photo to document her tooth loss today. She came running up the stairs this morning shouting "It came out! It came out!" She had finally managed to tug her tooth the rest of the way out.

Her top tooth has been dangling for over a week, but just wouldn't come out. She's been wiggling it and tugging at it, but it was very stubborn. She asked if we could celebrate her lost tooth by going to the mall today and we said yes. I also pulled out all the tooth activities for homeschool that I'd been saving since I knew she had a loose tooth.

We played "tooth fairy math" with some pictures of teeth that I copied from one of my idea books. We cut them out and I wrote numbers on the back like .25 cents, .15 cents, .75 cents. Then I taped them up all around the basement and the girls raced to find them all. Then they had to write down how much money was on all the teeth they found and add it up. Then Daniel helped them figure out how much change and which coins they got. They were so excited that they got real money! Danya got $2.15, and Gloria got $1. Danya will also get another dollar from the tooth fairy tonight, even though she knows it's just really from us. She also got to make a tooth paper bag puppet and a tooth pocket to keep her tooth in.


christina said...

thats is such a good idea , of the game. i cant believe she is really 7 already how time flys.

Sarah said...

cool she lost it