Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Writing Corner

It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, "Go to the corner!" I think Danya really likes writing her letters to family and friends in this little writing corner we set up. She gets distracted when she's trying to read or write when Gloria and I are working on something else right next to her. Here she can have relative solitude and quiet while she thinks.

Her handwriting and spelling have improved alot lately. I think the computer learning games we got her last year are really starting to sink in. Several of them are fun games that teach spelling and grammar rules while you play. (like this one: Elementary Success) She constantly amazes me at how much info she absorbs. She's already got 25 states and their capitols memorized and can locate them on a blank map of the U.S., too! This week she's also ready to move on to her 12 times tables! We gave her a math review this week and she just blew us away at how much she knows.


christina said...

i think centers are great, i will be setting up centers. i think it helps them focus on the task at heand. THats a cute desk.

Jess said...

lol, it's not a desk. It's an end table. When I bought it at a yard sale I thought it was a kids' table. (I thought the owner just happend to have two, lol)

Stations are a fun idea if you have room. I wouldn't take it to an extreme. Some people try to turn their homeschool into a mini Kindergarten classroom with a "science station" for hands on exploration and a "reading station" where they keep all their books. We never needed a station before. We're only doing it now because it's fun for a little while. It may change in a few weeks.